Plasma Donation App & Web

We worked on a new design for the web and mobile application of plasma center administration, the result turned out to be even better than expected. Designs were delivered on schedule and in professional quality with high reusability for the internal team.

PlasmaStream team is very thankful for these pleasant and productive six months of cooperation. And if we were given the opportunity to use the service for other new projects, we will definitely take it because we know that the journey will turn out well.

—   Michal Kazdan   |   IT & Business Analyst

From frustrating to pleasant

Plasma donation may be frustrating even for the best of us. What we can do though is to make donor journey as smooth and clear as possible. And on this journey every detail makes a big difference. From copy & pictures to color scheme. Big time.

Thanks to such a great, responsive and responsible client this journey was just incredible. We took care of the whole UX/UI part for both responsive designs and mobile application.

Let’s do it!

Every project is special and very different in many ways. So its journey. Choosing the right people for a project though makes the journey worth it.

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