Plasma Center

We worked on a new design for the web and mobile application of plasma center administration, the result turned out to be even better than expected. Designs were delivered on schedule and in professional quality with high reusability for the internal team.

PlasmaStream team is very thankful for these pleasant and productive six months of cooperation. And if we were given the opportunity to use the service for other new projects, we will definitely take it because we know that the journey will turn out well.

—   Michal Kazdan   |   IT & Business Analyst

New experience & partial redesign

The goal of this project was to create administration to already existing platform.
During the journey we were also able to come up with new styleguide, add some new complex screens to the system, and partially redesign it.
Thanks to the great cooperation from the client side it wasn’t that hard.


We started with a workshop. When the goal was clear we added all the ideas tasks we had to a canban board. To be productive we agreed on regular standups & workshops 3 times a week.


All the main atoms & components, colors & typography  were described in styleguide, including their states and measures. Every design page was then built out of the styleguide.


In the end we had well structured responsive design with high reusability. It was an exemplary cooperation, and on both sides we hope to continue working together as soon as possible.

Responsive version

Even though the personas don’t usually use any other devices but desktop, I was important to provide them with that option. That’s why there is also a mobile and a tablet version for every single screen.

Let’s do it!

Every project is special and very different in many ways. So its journey. Choosing the right people for a project though makes the journey worth it.

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