Fintech Mobile App & Web

It was a very smooth project which appeared as a part of my journey in one of international digital agencies. Its goal was to provide users of a certain eCommerce payment method with a mobile app so they keep their payments under control.

We extended the project to deliver both mobile and desktop versions of the app, and after that I took care of partial website redesign, delivered some SEO pages and even some visuals to support a marketing campaign.


We have held a number of workshops to agree on the path & the idea. Even though there already was a company branding, colors etc, I created a mood-board so the direction is rock solid. Then I delivered style-guides so it’s consistent across all the pages. Wireframes to agree on the structure. iOS & web designs were the final output.

Let’s do it!

Every project is special and very different in many ways. So its journey. Choosing the right people for a project though makes the journey worth it.

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