Success SaaS

This case-study is about my humble contribution in the modern Customer Success Platform that puts your operational cadence in place. On this project I was working on two parts. Health Management concept & UI, and the Stat Bar. The company is based in the UK, with team members located in the UK, Spain, Czechia & Sri Lanka.

Method of work


I was discussing & eventualy altering the specs with BA. Then it was a basic waterwall process, when I was designing and approving feature after feature.


After the UI designs were ready I started working on a prototype. It included all the core use-cases so I can easily validate the results during a few guerrilla sessions & design meetings.


When it’s all done & validated I had a handover with the dev team. During the handover a was explaining how exactly it has to work & we were discussing the way how to achieve that.

Chapter I: Health care

It was the most complex part, during which the users could set up the Health measurement for both organisations & accounts.


The grid is used as an overview of the customer health management. At the same time it is the place where the users can set up the Bad, Average & Good criterias for health indicators using the hybrid step by step inputs.

Side bar

Side bar is used to create the indicators, set up its aggregation, period, and then group the whole thing by categories. Different types of these indicators have different settings, and all of them are designed and prototyped. The side bar can be accessed from the grid.

Like this

The whole flow is prototyped so we can play with id & validate our hypotheses. Heres goes the video:

Chapter II: Stat Bar

Stat Bars can be set up for every major section in the system out of many available widgets. The users can have up to 7 widgets in it, using different settings & data aggregation. It’s pretty cool.


This startup is truly international and 100% remote. It works just perfect. They have a strong vision. They have the process, and they try to improve it with every step they take. I truly believe in their bright future and it was an honor being a part of the team for some time.

Let’s do it!

Every project is special and very different in many ways. So its journey. Choosing the right people for a project though makes the journey worth it.

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